Stephen Colbert Enters Politics Officially Starts ‘Colbert-PAC’

Despite already having an ill-fated run for president under his belt, an event which I doggedly covered in 2007, right-wing fundit™ and host of his eponymous Report Stephen Colbert had never formed a Political Action Committee, or PAC. In a bid to join fellow conservative PAC-men and PAC-women like Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin, Colbert announced the formation of ColbertPAC on Wednesday night’s Report, and even gave his audience a brief lesson in federal election law…and the Klingon language.

Colbert opened by explaining the dangers of a Tim Pawlenty not-so-happy ending (it’s better if you watch than if I explain), and extolled the virtues of SarahPAC and HuckPAC, which Colbert says is Klingon for “Out after Iowa.”* Joined by former FEC Chairman Trevor Potter, Colbert then gave a sort of non-musical, not-catchy Schoolhouse Rock on the ins and outs of campaign committees, after which he decided to, yes, launch his own PAC attack! Here’s the clip, from Comedy Central:

*Technically true, but Colbert’s translation relies on arcane Klingon slang that hasn’t been spoken in decades, the fool.

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