Stephen Colbert Fondly Recalls Getting Free Apple Products In Tribute To Steve Jobs

Fans of Stephen Colbert know that he is a big fan of Apple; his constant begging for and then showing off of the latest Apple products has been a recurring bit on his show. So when news broke on Wednesday that Apple founder Steve Jobs had died, some probably wondered how the fake news man would report the news. Last night this question was answered, when Colbert showed a highlight-reel of past bits that were both funny and a fitting homage to the Apple products he loved.

Comedy bits and tributes for someone that has recently passed are usually mutually exclusive goals in any sort of media. And no one will confuse Colbert’s segment as a memorial to a man he barely knew. But the following segment is worth a look if only to see how Colbert ends the segment with an email reply to the man who has just departed. Watch for yourself, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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