Stephen Colbert Gives Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee Hunger Games Salute


Late Show host Stephen Colbert returned from his week off with a tribute to the two fallen Democratic presidential candidates stolen from inspired by The Hunger Games.

In addition to missing out on Hillary Clinton‘s Benghazi hearing, Colbert was too busy vacationing while former presidential hopefuls Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee separately announced they were ceasing their campaigns for the Democratic Party nomination. Never fear, for the talk show host was quick to address the matter with his trademark political satire (and some product placement). Hence “The Hungry For Power Games,” the Late Show‘s own version of the popular Hunger Games book and film series. Colbert even donned a bright blue wig reminiscent of actor Stanley Tucci‘s character, Caesar Flickerman.

“Welcome to ‘The Hungry For Power Games,'” a costumed Colbert shouted at the audience. “Tributes, assemble!”

The segment gave the host an excuse to use the show’s famous Photoshop of all the presidential candidates amassed into one amorphous blob, along with ringleader Donald Trump. Using this graphic, Colbert proceeded to identify the dwindling Democratic numbers, joking: “Trump couldn’t comb over a bald spot that big.”

Sure enough, with Webb and Chafee out of consideration, the already lackluster selection of six Democratic candidates decreases to four, of which Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the two most recognizable. To commemorate the occasion, Colbert and Tucci — who later joined the host onstage to critique his impersonation of his Hunger Games character — raise their champagne-glasses-filled-with-apple-juice to the departed candidates while a recording of the film’s famous canon played twice in the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Check out the clip above, via CBS.

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