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Colbert Advises Print Media: ‘Find The Last Places On Earth That Don’t Know Print Is Dying’

Colbert MongolianIt’s no secret that the publishing industry has had a rough few years—a rough decade, really. Stephen Colbert acknowledged as much when he started a segment on his show last night by sharing with his viewers Time‘s latest (fake) cover story: “For the Love of God, Please Buy This Magazine: Why Editors’ Children Need to Eat, Too.” Some magazines, though, are thriving, even expanding—like Cosmopolitan, which just launched a long-awaited Mongolian edition. Colbert took this as a positive sign, using it as the basis for some sage advice for print media.

First, though, there was a string of jokes about what articles Mongolian women can expect to find in the new mag aimed at them: “This Season’s Hottest Unisex Horseleather Jerkins,” “Go From Stable Girl to Yurt Flirt,” and, of course, “Does Your Mongol Have A Horde on the Side?” Yep, Mongolia sure is remote and rural; print publications might do well there because of the simple fact that many citizens in all likelihood don’t have access to television, let alone the internet.

Which is why Colbert thinks launching titles like Cosmopolitan Mongolia is the best (and/or only) way to save the publishing industry: all print conglomerates need to do is “find the last places on Earth that don’t know the publishing industry is dying.” Sounds simple enough. The bit is below.

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