Stephen Colbert: If ‘Anchor Baby’ Is An Offensive Term, Then What About ‘Grappling Baby’?

On Monday night’s edition of The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert tackled the decidedly liberal agenda behind the American Heritage Dictionary’s revision of its definition for the term “Anchor Baby.”

Prompted by a complaint from The Immigration Policy Center, the dictionary revised its definition to include a line stating that the phrase is “offensive” and “used as a disparaging term.” Colbert, thus, dedicated a wag of the finger to the “lexicowards” behind the revision.

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The host also wondered what this would mean for his own submission to the dictionary: “grappling baby,” or, what happens when a Mexican woman aims her birth canal at the U.S. in order to launch her baby across and then proceed to climb over, using the umbilical cord for help. As you do.

The solution? Volleyball players lined up across the U.S./Mexico border, ready and waiting to spike those little babies back across.

Check out the full segment, via Comedy Central:

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