Stephen Colbert: ‘If GA Can Say Yes To The Brown Thrasher, Why Can’t SC Say No To The Brown Guatemalan?’

On his program Tuesday, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert gave viewers a rundown on the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Arizona’s immigration laws, particularly Justice Antonin Scalia‘s take on state sovereignty.

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Colbert was, obviously, in complete agreement with Scalia. “Yes, the first 100 years of the Republic,” he said. “The good old days before Abraham Lincoln started a war over his federal fetish and before you know it the states were under a single set of laws and all the vampires are dead. We must return to our founders’ dream of every state deciding who it could turn away at its border.”

After all, he pointed out, each state gets its own bird. “If Georgia can say yes to the brown thrasher,” he pondered, “why can’t South Carolina say no to the brown Guatemalan?”

Watch, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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