Stephen Colbert Jealous Charlie Rose And David Gergen Got To Skinny Dip With George Clooney


On Wednesday’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert was jealously enraged at the bizarre news that George Clooney invited fellow newsmen Charlie Rose and David Gergen to skinny dip at his Italian villa. “It could have been my body glistening in the italian moonlight!” Colbert exclaimed.

Gergen detailed his surreal recreational activity with Clooney to Parade Magazine: “Out of nowhere, Clooney jumps out of his chair and starts climbing a fence that overlooks the lake below. From the top, fully clothed, he counted, One… two… and jumped. I heard three just before hit the water. Within seconds, he was challenging our masculinity. Okay, guys, let’s see your stuff. One other guest was next up and jumped. Hell, I thought, I have an early morning plane and I don’t want wet clothes. So… what choice did I have? I stripped down to my skivvies, climbed that darn fence…. And whoa, it seemed like I was 30 feet above the water. One… two… I was in the water by three. It was very dark, a little cold, but terrific.”

“What the hell is going on, Clooney?” Colbert demanded to the Academy Award winner. “David here gets to go to Lake Como and dip his Gergen and not me? I get it, George, you’re a middle-age pundit chaser! Well, I’m 47. Challenge my masculinity! I will drop trou and scramble over any fence. There doesn’t even have to be any water. There i could be at the airport in half an hour. I won’t even wear a belt. Just call me. Right now the only invitation I’m getting is for another loofah at O’Reilly‘s and I’m the only person who ever shows up.”

Watch the segment below:

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