Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Conan O’Brien Unite to Respond to Trump Rally Attacks


Stephen ColbertJimmy Fallon, and Conan O’Brien are now all “colluding” to go after President Donald Trump.

The trio worked together in The Late Show‘s cold open on Tuesday night, as they talked to figure out good comebacks to use against against Trump, as he has been on a tear against late night talk show hosts recently.

The bit came after Fallon voiced his regret for having Trump on the Tonight Show in the past for a playful, friendly interview. In response to the remark, the president lobbed the following insults toward Fallon on Twitter:

Fallon and Colbert played off this presidential beef by mimicking Trump and calling each other “lowlife” and “lost soul.” The two continued the bit by bringing on O’Brien, who was in the middle of shaving his face. The now-infamous Virginia restaurant Red Hen then came up, as Colbert and Fallon announced their intentions to eat the establishment that kicked out White House press secretary Sarah Sanders for her affiliations to Trump and sparked a national debate about “civility” in politics.

Tonight Show writer Mike DiCenzo said the trio’s segment could be “a late-night first,” as both Fallon and Colbert will be playing an identical cold open tonight.

Jimmy Kimmel was also the target of Trump’s ire last night, but his show is off this week.

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