Colbert Lauds Media Who Labeled Norway’s Native Christian Gunmen As Muslim Extremist

Norway’s confessed murderer Anders Breivik is a blond, blue-eyed Norwegian-born anti-Muslim crusader, but in the esteem of Stephen Colbert, that doesn’t mean he’s not a swarthy, ululating madman. You see, in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy that unfolded last Friday, a number of media types–of both journalistic and opinion stripe–quickly adjudged his actions to be that of Islamic extremists. And while the admitted assailant’s actions are without question extreme, he is a self-identified Christian Conservative. Oops!

Of course in Colbert’s hyperbolic world it doesn’t matter that Breivik is Christian; his behavior is so similar to that of Islamic jihadists that he coined some new adjectives — “Muslish” and “Islam-esque” — to explain this atrocity. He then goes on to defend the use other stereotypical behavior as gut-level responses good enough for any journalist to hypothesize.

The mining of this unspeakably tragic event for comedic material so early after it has occurred is, without question, a very tricky wicket to navigate without looking like an insensitive jerk. But Colbert somberly opens the segment with a rare, out-of-character moment of genuine empathy for the people of Norway. Its also worth noting that Colbert’s comedic target is the mainstream media who hastily and irresponsibly raced to offer insight that now makes them look ridiculous. Enter Colbert for delivering what appears to be just the appropriate amount of ridicule, delivered in his own, celebratory way.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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