Stephen Colbert Mocks Giuliani’s ‘Savvy Lawyering’ Trip to Ukraine: ‘His Brain Had to Go and Rudy Things Up’


CBS late-night funny man Stephen Colbert had a fine ol’ time ridiculing President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who “should be just be laying low and avoiding the scene of the crime. So, naturally, he is in Ukraine.”

Colbert couldn’t help but wonder at Giuliani’s impeccably bad timing for traveling to Ukraine — which he wouldn’t confirm, at least intentionally — that even die-hard Trump supporters have questioned.

“That is some savvy lawyering,” Colbert said, mocking the former New York City mayor, before assuming his character: “Your honor, my client is innocent. Where is he now? Well, he’s dancing around the chalk body outline singing a little song about being the world’s happiest stabber.”

“Rudy’s European tour has a mission: He’s in Budapest and Kiev this week to talk with former Ukrainian prosecutors to debunk the impeachment case,” Colbert noted. “But Rudy’s being very coy about what he’s up to. In an interview yesterday, he wouldn’t even confirm that he was in Ukraine. But then his brain had to go and Rudy things up.”

He then played a clip of Sinclair TV host Eric Bolling asking Giuliani: “Are you in Ukraine also gathering, you know, evidence to support your own defense?”

“I am not here to…” Giuliani began to say in response, before catching himself. “I don’t have to defend myself.”

“Good save! Good save, Rudy!” Colbert said, laughing. “I can’t wait for to you defend Trump at the Senate trial.”

“Mr. Giuliani, when did your the president commit bribery?” Colbert asked, as a Senate prosecutor, before answering as Giuliani. “It was on fri…ed eggs fried eggs! His favorite breakfast food to eat when not being guilty, which is always?”

“Nothing Rudy does stays a secret,” Colbert concluded. “If he were a ninja, he would just stand outside your door going, ‘Open up! Rudy the ninja here to stealthily kill you! Ow! I dropped my throwing star! Oh boy, it was poisoned.'”

Watch the video above, via CBS.

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