Stephen Colbert Offers To Help Helen Thomas – With Hamburgers, Nazi Mr. Rogers

So did the image get your attention?

It was the way Stephen Colbert helped illustrate what Helen Thomas had done before her abrupt retirement – and he had a solution to help her legacy.

“Helen’s a friend, and Stephen Colbert sticks by his friends no matter what,” said Colbert, although he admitted he hadn’t heard her comment yet. So after they aired: “I met her once, what a bitch.”

But he wanted to help his “friend” and her legacy. “After a lifetime of achievements, blazing a trail for female journalists, covering 10 Presidents, this is what you’ll be remembered for,” he said. “It’s like if Mr. Rogers had ended his last show like this.” (Cut to full screen image of Nazi Mr. Rogers.)

His solution: come on The Colbert Report, eat 50 hamburgers and break the Guinness World Record for “most beef consumed in an hour.”

There’s a very good chance that Helen Thomas will be turning down her ‘friend’s’ offer. But this does open the question of where Helen Thomas will go for her first interview. It may not come for months, but will she look to salvage her legacy with a sit-down to apologize and explain her comments?

Here’s the segment:

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