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Colbert On Romney’s ‘Amercia’ Typo: You Definitely Can’t Prove Obama Was Born In Amercia

On Wednesday night, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert took aim at the controversy (/laughs) surrounding the misspelling of “America” in a new app put forth by Mitt Romney‘s campaign.

After heartily congratulating the Republican nominee on his pretty much totally expected delegate win in Texas, clinching the nomination for the former governor (“They said it could be done. And against no odds, he achieved the possible.”), Colbert gave Romney’s new “With Mitt” phone app a shout-out during his “Tip of the Hat” segment.

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Spelling America “Amercia” wasn’t any sort of mistake, Colbert argued. It was, rather, a brilliant political strategy:

Problem? That’s not a problem. That’s a brilliant strategy. Now Romney can become the president of the America or Amercia. He’s just doubled the odds. Plus, the next time China comes around to collect our debt, we can just say, “Sorry, America moved out months ago. This is Amercia. No forwarding address.”

And you know it’s going to please Trump and his birther pals because we can debate whether Obama was born in America, but there is no proof he was born in Amercia.

Or contury ’tis of the, swet lond of libetry. Of the I song.

Colbert then led the audience in a truly lovely rendition of our new nation’s anthem.

Have a look, via Comedy Central:

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