Stephen Colbert Praises 151-Page Justice Dept. Report On Wasteful Government Spending…On Muffins

Remember “muffingate”? You know, the story of how a U.S. Department of Justice meeting in 2009 was alleged to have spent $16 per muffin, which was a perfect example of wasteful government spending brought to national attention by Bill O’Reilly? Of course you do! Stephen Colbert also remembers the muffins, and last night he reported on a government investigation on the price paid for said muffins (it wasn’t $16!) and other wasteful spending by revealing a thorough 151-page government report on…wasteful spending.

Future historians may very well look back at the “muffingate” story and use it as an example of the decline of the American empire, for there is no shortage of absurdity and misinformation at nearly every level. O’Reilly’s allegation that the $16 muffin appears to have been overstated, however his bully pulpit platform and reasonable allegation of wasteful government spending inspired President Obama to order federal agencies to review expenses for conferences. Turns out that U.S. taxpayers didn’t actually spend $16 per muffin, but that the overall cost included coffee and tea service and room rental (among other charges) which amounted to roughly $4,200.

We know this now, because of the 151-page Audit of Department of Justice. Conference Planning and Food and Beverage Costs report, which was highlighted by Colbert last night, and in the segment below.

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