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Stephen Colbert Praises Michele Bachmann’s Reliable Expertise On Slavery

Michele Bachmann recently signed a marriage pledge presented to her by an Iowa-based social conservative group, which included language that raised a lot of eyebrows for likening of homosexuality to bestiality and condemnation of pornography. Oh, and it also suggested that African-American children raised as slaves lived a better life than those living under the Obama administration. While the controversial language has since been changed, Stephen Colbert pointed out last night that Bachmann seems quite comfortable citing slavery with her signature rhetorical flourish, making oft comparisons to taxation and homosexuality.

When Bachmann signed this pledge, many on the left immediately, and, perhaps short-shortsightedly, pointed to language in the pledge that suggested that pornography is banned. And while that language is not very clear, we pointed out that there was so much more in the pledge to digest, that to distill it down to “a ban on pornography” seemed…well, short-sighted.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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