Stephen Colbert Praises Michele Bachmann’s Scientific Research On HPV Vaccination

One of the lasting stories to have come from Monday night’s CNN/Tea Party debate between GOP presidential candidates is the mandatory HPV vaccination in Texas and whether or not it exemplifies Gov. Rick Perry‘s cronyism. In a post debate TV appearance, Michele Bachmann‘s suggested that the HPV vaccination causes mental retardation, at least according to her research of what some woman told her. As such, Stephen Colbert proposed last night that, just like climate change and evolution, both sides of this science controversy should now be taught in schools.

While some have breathlessly opined that the media has failed the public by allowing Bachmann to spread misinformation about the HPV vaccine, Colbert takes the opposite approach to much greater effect: amplification of the absurd comments to comedic effect:

Folks, I am telling you, I am telling you, the only thing keeping our kids from humping at the bus stop is fear of the big “C.” You let the government mandate a vaccine that helps prevent one form of cervical cancer, and you might as well let the U.N.’s jackbooted thugs hold down your little princess and inject her with pharmaceutical grade slut juice. Giving your girl this vaccine is admitting that one day in the future she may have premarital or post marital sex.

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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