Colbert: Putin’s World Cup Gift Was Nice, But He ‘Still Has a Set of Trump’s Balls’


Stephen Colbert slammed President Donald Trump for his joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Colbert shared several reactions of the press conference from the media and how their “reviews” are the worst he’s seen since the Titanic- not the movie, the actual Titanic. He accused the president of “throwing the intelligence community under the bus” and throwing it “in reverse and turned them into road burger.”

The Late Show host then blasted the president for believing in Putin’s “very strong” denial that his country meddled in the 2016 election.

“‘Boo all you want, but he’s extremely strong and powerful,'” Colbert impersonated Trump. “He does not skip leg day and I know because right now, I’m smooching  his glutes.”

Colbert told his audience he’s not “used to the president telling the truth” in reference to Putin’s admission that he did want Trump to win the election. He also skewered Trump’s “spineless toadying” to Putin for deflecting to the location of the DNC’s “missing” server.

“We know where the server is. He’s standing right next to the master,” Colbert reacted.

After showing a clip of Putin insisting he doesn’t collect “compromising material” on American businessmen who visit Russia, Colbert begged the differ, revealing to his audience during his trip to Russia last year, his security team informed him that his phone was bugged and his hotel room had cameras in it.

“When I was in Russia, and this is true, I was followed everywhere I went… and I’m a comedian!” Colbert exclaimed.

Colbert declared that the “weirdest moment” from the press conference was when Putin gifted Trump a World Cup soccer ball.

“It’s nice gift, although I think Putin still has a set of Trump’s balls,” Colbert quipped.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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