Stephen Colbert Reacts to the Sam Nunberg Firestorm: ‘Finally! The Smoking Gun… Maybe?’


Stephen Colbert kicked off his show Monday night by addressing the unbelievable media blitz made by former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg.

The Late Show host began by reacting to the report that Nunberg not only was he going to ignore the subpoena made by Special Counsel Robert Mueller but that he was going to “tear up the subpoena” on Bloomberg TV.

“Smart thinking… do it on Bloomberg, no witnesses!” Colbert quipped. “It’s the perfect crime!”

He had some fun with Nunberg after he admitted to MSNBC’s Katy Tur that he thought his lawyer was “going to dump” him.

“Sam, I think your dentist is going to dump you right now,” he reacted.

Colbert expressed confusion when Nunberg told Tur that he “thinks” Mueller “may” have damaging information on President Trump and that he “may have done something during the election but that he “didn’t know for sure.”

“Yes, finally! The smoking gun… maybe? Possibly? Not for sure? Who’s to say?” Colbert joked.

He then pointed out Nunberg took over cable news “like a car chase” and noted that he appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and CNN again. and joked that 5 o’clock he appeared on HGTV to incriminate himself on Flip or Flop.

Colbert questioned Nunberg’s logic when he dared Mueller to “arrest” him.

“You know Mueller can arrest you, right?” he asked. “That’s like saying ‘eat me’ to Hannibal Lector. It doesn’t work out well.”

Despite calling Trump an “idiot,” Nunberg insisted to The Washington Post that he won the election without the help of the Russians because he “campaigned his ass off” and that there’s “no one who hates him more than me.”

“I don’t know about that… have you met Melania?” Colbert reacted.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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