Stephen Colbert: ‘Rick Perry Is Taking Sloppy Seconds On My Treasurer’

Earlier this week we reported on one of the weirdest “life imitating art” stories of the nascent presidential campaign: the “Rick Perry For President” effort hired a new treasurer away from Stephen Colbert‘s dadaist SuperPAC. Last night Colbert predictably, though still very entertainingly, opined on the seemingly bizarre twist, in an Escher-esque way that befitted this very weird story: by citing Politico’s report …which quoted Colbert.

Colbert said that Colbert said:

We’re not surprised. Sal is the best in the business. That’s why we went with him. We’re happy for Sal and we are even happier that governor Perry has sent the clear signal of which SuperPac he trusts to receive all that unlimited money waiting to pour in on his behalf. Loud and clear, sir. Unofficially, loud and clear


The fake newsman then followed quoting his own quote with “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Which was funny. And people laughed. You might too, after you watch the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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