Stephen Colbert Ridicules Glenn Beck’s Theory Of A Coming Global Caliphate

Just like his Comedy Central compadre did in the half hour before him, last night Stephen Colbert addressed the many media theories surrounding the Egyptian revolution. Though as is often the case with Colbert, his analysis was served with a heaping dollop of pastiche and ironic detachment. Case in point? His lauding of Glenn Beck (who espoused a connection between Code Pink, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood) and “Papa Bear” Bill O’Reilly who gave Beck what for.

After playing a clip of Beck stating that a “a global caliphate is coming,” but then later clarifying that he did not “know when” or “if it will (even) happen,” Colbert put Beck’s fears in proper (and absurd) perspective, sayin, “And the conspiracies that we know are coming but might never happen are the most dangerous. Because if they might never happen, how will we know if they stopped it.”

Watch the funny clip courtesy of Comedy Central below:

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