Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah Go Off on Trump For Blaming Blue States on Coronavirus Deaths: ‘Go F*ck Yourself You Rotting, Soulless Business Ham’


The late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and Trevor Noah went off on President Donald Trump for blaming the nation’s high coronavirus death toll on blue states — Colbert going as far as to call it “unspeakably monstrous.”

“The blue states had tremendous death rates,” Trump said during his Wednesday White House press briefing. “If you take the blue states deaths out, we are at a level I don’t think anybody in the world would be at.”

Colbert joked that Trump will continue to claim he’s done a great job protecting the country from the coronavirus, as long as you do not count half of the United States.

“I’m not entirely sure where to begin there, this is unspeakably monstrous, especially for the President of the United States,” Colbert exclaimed after playing a clip of Trump. “Whoever they are, these are all human lives that he is responsible for.”

Also, and I know this is going to shock you, Trump’s wrong. Because the states with the most deaths are New York, New Jersey, Texas, California and Florida, which are, of course, the states with the largest populations in the country,” Colbert added. “So he’s just saying if you don’t count states with people, he’s done a great job.”

“Forget the presidency — I wouldn’t trust Trump to run a middle school field trip,” the host quipped before mimicking the president. “‘Well if you don’t count the kids I lost at the sausage factory I think I did a pretty good job not losing kids at the sausage factory. Now, who wants sausage!”

Colbert then pointed out that the states with the highest infection rates are all states that Trump won, noting that it shouldn’t matter considering we’re all Americans and we’re all human beings.

Meyers also went after the president for his remarks on coronavirus deaths, calling him “President Caligula” before telling him to “go f*ck yourself you rotting, soulless business ham.”

“Wow, ok, so by that logic, the more blue states we have, the better the job you did on this virus,” Meyers pointed out. “I think we’re about to see Fox anchors telling viewers to help the president by voting for Biden: ‘Good news for President Trump, as Florida has been called for Joe Biden, thus putting the blood on his hands.’”

The host then called Trump’s statements “one of the most grotesque things” he has ever said, before blasting him for being the first sociopath president to be open about it,

“He’s the kid who lights ants on fire for fun and when you catch him doing it, he says, ‘It’s not what you think — torturing living things gives me joy,'” he joked.

“Did this dude just try to pull the ‘if you eat around the mold, everything’s fine’ move, but with corona deaths?'” Noah asked in response to Trump’s pinning of coronavirus deaths on blue states.

“I mean, while we’re at it, why don’t we just not count the red states, too?” Noah asked. “Then the U.S. has zero deaths, which is pretty impressive if you ask me.”

The host was shocked that a leader would try and blame others, especially those he is meant to lead, for his own failures.

“It’s pretty astounding that a leader — a leader — would even think of his country in that way,” he added. “You can’t just write off entire states. My man, this isn’t the Electoral College; the popular vote counts.”

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