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Stephen Colbert Skeeves Out Over Weiner’s Sexts That Refer To The Colbert Report

RadarOnline recently published rather copious amounts of text that is alleged to represent the actual online communications between Rep. Anthony Weiner and Lisa Weiss, the Las Vegas woman who garnered the attention of the, ahem, congressional member. In the transcript Weiss suggests that the two watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report to “get in the mood,” which when read aloud, completely skeeves out host Stephen Colbert.

After reading a portion in which Weiner suggests they both watch the show while he is behind her, Colbert chided the embattled representative saying “this is a family show and must only be watched from the missionary position.”

Also worth noting that, unlike his Comedy Central colleague Jon Stewart, who oddly chose to ignore the Weiner pic released today by shock jocks Opie and Anthony, Colbert and his producers decided to show the full monty, albeit, with a heavy black out. And for the viewers at home who have not seen the actual image, Colbert describes the congressional member as being an apparent fan of manscaping.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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