Stephen Colbert Tackles Posthumous Mormon Baptisms By Converting All The Dead Mormons To Judaism

Colbert Tackles Mormon Baptisms By Converting All The Dead Mormons To Judaism

On Thursday’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert tackled the kerfuffle surrounding the controversial practice of posthumously baptizing deceased Holocaust victims in the Mormon church, which Elie Wiesel has called upon Mitt Romney to renounce.

“What business is it of yours, Elie?” Colbert incredulously excliamed. “I did some research and it turns out those 600,000 Jews are now Mormons!”

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“Unfortunately for Mitt, this controversy just seems like it will not die,” Colbert observed. “And if it did, the Mormons would’ve posthumously baptized it!”

Colbert described the unorthodox practice as a kind of, “hot tub time machine.”

“Now I want to be clear,” Colbert continued. “As television’s most famous and important Catholic, I do not condone posthumous Mormon baptism. If are you going to baptize someone against their will, you do it the Catholic way! Request with an inquisition!”

Colbert determined the best course of action to straighten things out would be to convert all the dead Mormons to Judaism, which he attempted to do with Jay the intern to hilarious results.

Watch Colbert take on Mormon baptism below via Comedy Central:

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