Stephen Colbert Takes On ‘Human Weather Balloon’ Rush Limbaugh

On Thursday, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert took a look at what some (Colbert) are referring to as “Avoiding Water-gate” — the DNC’s decision to move President Obama’s convention speech from a large outdoor stadium to an indoor, smaller venue.

Convention organizers cited weather concerns for the move, but certain members of the media have been very vocal about not buying that explanation, arguing that Democrats were simply worried about not being able to fill seats.

Colbert took particular aim at Charles Krauthammer‘s assertion that DNC organizers had known “for months” what the weather would be during the President’s speech last night. Who among us hasn’t checked’s 100-day weather forecast?

Colber then cast his sights on conservative radio host and “human weather balloon” Rush Limbaugh for his recent remarks about the possibility of ties between Obama and weather forecasters. It’s clear, said Colbert, that the President “can make and/or is a hurricane.”

Take a look, via Comedy Central:

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