Stephen Colbert Takes On The Koch Brothers’ Alleged Voter Suppression In Wisconsin

Here’s a hypothetical; Lets say you write for a comedy show that tackles current events and you find a story that seems so odd and disturbing that you really don’t have to write any jokes. Your host can just describe it and it will be funny. Are you a) happy because it makes your job easy, or b) unhappy because seriously this is a pretty f-ed up story!

That’s the question I was asking myself as I watched Stephen Colbert take on the alleged voter suppression being undertaken by a few Wisconsin Conservative groups connected to the Koch Brothers. The groups, like Americans for Prosperity, sent absentee ballot applications related to the upcoming Wisconsin recall vote to voters in Democratic districts. The odd thing is the applications give an election date two whole days after the actual one. Just a simple mistake.

Not to say that the Report staff was laying down on the job, just that that’s a story that really doesn’t need any editorializing. They killed it earlier in the show (as they’ve been doing a lot recently) with a segment mocking the outrage over President Obama daring (DARING!) to celebrate his 50th birthday while the country still, I guess, exists or whatever. And, in between those two segments, was a wonderful bit of goofiness on silly names that had Colbert breaking for about 10 seconds.

Both segments are in the clip from Comedy Central below:

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