Stephen Colbert: ‘The Definition of Insanity is Donald Trump’


On Monday night, The Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert offered a new definition of insanity to his audience.

The definition, he quipped, is “Donald Trump.”

Colbert’s remarks came in the context of his opening monologue talk about Trump “folding like an origami swan” over the shutdown deal.

Not everyone, the comedian noted, actually thinks Trump folded, including Colbert stressed, the president himself.

He then read this tweet from Trump insisting ending the shutdown without funding for the wall “was in no way a concession”:

Then, using the same Trump voice he just used to read the tweet, Colbert added: “And believe me folks, I know races…Many people call me a racist.”

The audience laughed.

Colbert then concluded Trump has dug in his heels when it comes to the wall and now says he doubts he will take less than $5.7 billion.

“Just to be clear, he is making the exact same offer with the exact same threat but somehow expects different results,” he joked. “You know what they say, the definition of insanity is Donald Trump.”

Watch above, via CBS

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