Colbert Thinks Dressage Is Great For Romney’s Image: ‘It’s Basically NASCAR In A Velvet Top Hat’

On Tuesday, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert once again addressed the sport (and art) of dressage. “It’s as American as baseball,” he said. “Except in baseball there’s slightly more horse testosterone.”

Plus, as Colbert pointed out, “there is no better way to dispel the myth that Romney is detached patrician elite than competitive horse prancing. I mean, it’s basically NASCAR in a velvet top hat.”

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To celebrate the Romneys’ horse making it onto the Olympic team, Colbert then donned a horse costume and danced like no one’s watching, or like no horse has ever been put down after snapping its leg whilst attempting to dance. It was beautiful.

He concluded the segment by inviting dressage enthusiast Ann Romney onto the show to discuss the sport.

Have a look, via Comedy Central:

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