Bannon on White House Departure: ‘I’m Not Cut Out to Be a Staffer’

CBS’s Charlie Rose questioned Steve Bannon tonight about the circumstances surrounding his decision to leave his job as chief strategist for the Trump Administration.

Throughout his interview on 60 Minutes, Bannon defended Donald Trump over a variety of tough issues and controversial matters shrouding the presidency. This eventually prompted Rose to ask why Trump would’ve allowed such a stalwart supporter to leave his orbit in the White House.

“To be this strong a defender,” Rose asked, “why aren’t you there?”

Bannon answered that he was not cut out to be a staffer, and he talked about how he couldn’t fight for Trump as he wanted to as a government employee. From there, Rose asked Bannon about his reported conflicts with other Trump advisers, as well as Bannon’s comments about how the White House has never been so divided amongst itself.

Bannon said that the divide was the difference between those telling Trump to remain true to himself as he was during the election, and the advisors suggesting that the president work out compromises with his political opponents. Bannon also insisted that John Kelly never tried to have him removed from the Administration.

Bannon’s statements echo the remarks he made upon his return to Breitbart last month, where he spoke about how he was free to push the Trump agenda while waging war against the administration’s political enemies.

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