Steve Cortes Defends Trump During Heated CNN Clash: There is ‘Zero Evidence’ He’s Racist


Things got heated on CNN Saturday afternoon when the subject of President Donald Trump and racism came up and it all started over a conversation about Trump’s tweets.

Trump had a busy day on Twitter earlier in the day, including a two-part tweet bashing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Asked to respond to those tweets, Democratic strategist Maria Cardona first noted that Trump just can’t seem to stop tweeting.

Then she said this: “He should be focusing on the bigger problems that are facing our nation. He should be focusing on trying to fix his image because people do see him as a racist. People do see him as a misogynist. I didn’t need Omarosa to tell me that…Maybe that’s something the president should start working on, is an image of a leader that brings people together instead of tearing the country apart.”

Host Ana Cabrera then turned to the former head of Trump Hispanic Advisory Council Steve Cortes to ask if he was concerned about Trump’s tweeting and if it fuels the obstruction case.

However, Cortes had something else on his mind.

After a brief “gosh no,” response to Cabrera’s question, Cortes called out Cardona for calling Trump a racist.

“First, I do need to address because I think now twice Maria referenced the president as – being a racist. I just can’t let that go. Because the more that is said in mainstream media and just said as a matter of fact in almost a — in almost an accepted way, the more absurd and insulting it is. The president is not a racist. There is zero evidence that he is a racist. I won’t let that stand.”

Things just got more heated from there.

Watch above, via CNN

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