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Steve Doocy Calls Out Dems ‘Double Standard’ on Barr, Trump: ‘Where Was the Outrage’ for Eric Holder?

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy called out Democrats for having a “double standard” with their criticisms of President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr.

Doocy interviewed former federal prosecutor Brett Tolman on Tuesday, and the conversation revolved around reports saying Barr has considered resigning if Trump doesn’t stop tweeting about Justice Department investigations. Trump has admitted that his tweets put Barr in a difficult situation, but Tolman joined the skeptics who doubt Barr will resign any time soon.

“That’s not the way he communicates,” Tolman said. “He is not going to be dealing with ultimatums. He wants to do his job. He wants to have as great of an ability to do the job in a meaningful way and that’s who this attorney general is.”

Shortly after that, Doocy moved on to the “hypocrisy” Democrats have shown while demanding Barr’s resignation over the Roger Stone case.

“The hypocrisy is the double standard,” Doocy said. “When Eric Holder got involved and was asked to get involved in politically-sensitive cases, where was the outrage then?”

Tolman agreed as he dismissed the outrage toward Barr, and the led Doocy to remark “Ultimately, don’t you think this is just Phase 2 after the impeachment thing didn’t work out? So now the narrative is going to be, look, this president guy, he is breaking all the rules. And have you got these well-regarded people of law enforcement community saying he has got to go and we are going to hear that right up to Election Day.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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