Steve Doocy: If Sarah Palin Was Going To Tell Everyone She Voted For Gingrich, ‘Why Didn’t She Endorse Him A Week Ago?’

Steve Doocy On Palin's Newt Vote: 'Why Didn't She Endorse Him A Week Ago?'

During the news rundown on Wednesday’s Fox & Friends, the show played a clip of Sarah Palin revealing to Fox Business Network that she voted for Newt Gingrich in Tuesday night’s Alaska primary, saying that she went for the candidate who could best bust through the “Orwellian Obama rhetoric.”

“If Palin really wants to help, she’s got to get down here,” Brian Kilmeade said. “She’s got to sit by his side and really help him out, because it could be too late.”

Steve Doocy then came through with the one question that most people will probably be wondering about today.

“If she’s going to go ahead and announce that she voted for Newt Gingrich,” he asked, “why didn’t she endorse him a week ago?!”

Doocy noted that Mitt Romney wound up winning Alaska, while Gingrich finished fourth.

Watch a clip of the exchange below, courtesy of Fox News:

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