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Steve Doocy: Trump’s Debt Deal with Dems Reveals ‘There are Now Three Parties’ in D.C.

Two days ago President Donald Trump surprised the political media world when, during an oval office meeting with congressional leaders of both parties, he cut a deal with Democrats over raising the Debt Ceiling to the chagrin of GOP leadership.

This decision has only deepened the growing fissure between establishment Republicans and the White House, and traditionally right-of-center find themselves in something of a conundrum in picking a side in the Trump vs. McConnnell and Ryan dust-up.

Fox & Friends has already revealed itself to be all in on Trump, saying nary a negative word about their former program contributor — who is now the most powerful person in the world — and today, co-host Steve Doocy doubled down. In a conversation about Trump’s debt deal with the Democrats,  he had on as guests Steve Cortez  (a former Trump Hispanic advisory) and Pablo Rodriguez (a former DNC staff member.)

Surprisingly, both guests lauded Trump’s deal with the Dems, which flouts the Golden Rule of cable news which states bookers should always have guests with conflicting points of view. But it was Doocy’s suggestion that “you look at what has happened here as actually revealing the fact that there are now three parties in Washington, D.C.” Those three parties, of course, are Republicans, Democrats and President Trump.

Cortez reframed the suggestion to a more palatable two party definition, saying “it’s not Republican and Democrat. The two parties are Trump and people versus the Washington establishment.”

With mid-term elections just around the corner, it’s got to be a grave concern for establishment Republicans seeking reelection to see that the highest rated cable news morning show Fox & Friends is turning their backs to Republicans in favor of a populist president who has grown increasingly frustrated with — and eager to blame — a GOP that has thus far proven itself to be relatively lame in passing the legislation it has argued for for the past 8 years.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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