Steve Schmidt Blasts Trump Over Tillerson Dustup: ‘F-ing Moron’ is ‘Highest Rank of Moron That’s Achievable’


Donald Trump says he’s prepared to compete with Rex Tillerson in an IQ test, but Steve Schmidt wanted to point out that the insult the secretary of state reportedly hurled at his boss is supreme in its class.

The former Republican strategist was on MSNBC Tuesday to talk about Trump’s decision to breathe new life into the reports about his tense relationship with the secretary of state.

“By the way, Secretary Tillerson called him an f-ing moron, which, not for nothing, is the highest rank of moron that’s achievable,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt figured that Tillerson will eventually leave the Trump Administration once he’s tired of the president undercutting his work.

“He’s gonna have to just make a decision that comes down to simple human dignity,” said Schmidt. “He’s got to to wake up and look at himself in the mirror. He doesn’t need this. Totally undercut, completely ineffective as secretary of state.”

Schmidt moved on to Trump’s feud with “Liddle” Bob Corker, and he agreed with the senator’s determination that the president is unfit for office and leading America towards war. Schmidt continued to say that Trump is putting thousands of American lives on the line all while getting wrapped up in a feud with the NFL and botching Puerto Rican relief efforts.

“We have an incompetent president – judged unfit by the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — and by the way, all of the Republican senators behind closed doors acknowledge this,” said Schmidt. “This president has burned any kind of notion of personal support and loyalty for him with Mitch McConnell, with Bob Corker, you can go down the list.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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