Steve Schmidt: Trump Knew Soleimani Strike Would Create ‘Smokescreen’ That Distracts from Impeachment


On MSNBC this afternoon, Steve Schmidt said President Donald Trump clearly saw the strike that took out Qasem Soleimani as a “smokescreen “to distract from impeachment.

Nicolle Wallace spoke with Schmidt about Trump being “volatile and erratic” in the middle of all this.

Schmidt agreed but said he thinks Trump’s actions here are “entirely predictable”:

“Looking at the Ukraine issue, looking at every issue, is he over and over again acts in his own political interests. Looking at impeachment. What he did, for sure, is survey the situation and understood that with this action, with this strike, that he would create a giant smokescreen that clouds and distracts around the issue of impeachment. This is a political act that has endangered the country. Once again, this is Donald Trump acting in the international arena detrimental to American security interests. Now exceeding the outragesness in Ukraine by an order of magnitude for self.”

“The consequences will be felt for many, many years,” he added. “So we’re moving into the consequences stage of having an inept, selfish, boorish, incompetent president of the United States and blood will be spilled, American blood, because of it.”

“I’m just going to let that sink in. A terrifying thought,” Wallace responded.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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