Steve Schmidt: We’re Seeing ‘Cruelty’ from Trump, Sanders, Conway Towards Rob Porter’s Ex-Wives

Steve Schmidt went on a tear against the Trump White House today and the “cruelty” in how they’ve handled the Rob Porter scandal.

He told Nicolle Wallace there was “incompetence” and “recklessness” on display, but also this:

“We see the usual dishonesty and it’s blowing up in their face. And lasty, we see the cruelty. The cruelty of the Press Secretary towards these women, of Kellyanne Conway towards these women, of the President of the United States towards these women, and really the whole of the administration towards these women.”

Colbie Holderness, one of Porter’s ex-wives, wrote an op-ed yesterday calling out Conway for the remarks she made in recent TV appearances about this scandal and his alleged abuse.

Wallace went back in time to the Palin years and the Bush years, acknowledging “we were deeply flawed” but also saying, “I can’t remember the depravity that I see in this White House.”

Schmidt also lamented the “defiling” of the presidency and added that reiterated that Trump is neither morally nor intellectually fit to be President.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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