Stevie Wonder at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral: ‘We Need to Make Love Great Again’


Stevie Wonder offered his words and music in tribute to Aretha Franklin during Franklin’s star-studded funeral at Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple on Friday.

“The reason that we are here today is because of love, because of how much we love this woman,” Wonder said, before adding, “Please remember the greatest gift that we have been given in life itself is love.”

After people applauded, he continued on: “Yes, we can talk about all the things that are wrong, and there are many. But the only thing that can deliver us is love. So what needs to happen today not only in this nation, but throughout the world, is that we need to make love great again.”

Then he said this, drawing even more applause: “Because black lives do matter. Because all lives do matter. And if we love God, then we know truly it is our love that will make all things matter. When we make love great again. That is what Aretha has said throughout her life. Through the pain, she gave us the joy and said, let’s make love great again. ”

Although Wonder’s remarks appeared to be a direct counter to President Donald Trump‘s MAGA slogan, he did not mention the president by name.

Watch above, via CNN

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