Stewart Adds #Pointergate to ‘Innocent Things Black People Do That Look Suspicious’

Jon Stewart took on the “pointergate” stupidity tonight. In case you haven’t heard, a local news station took a picture of a mayor taking a picture with an African-American man where they’re pointing at each other and basically ran it as OMGZ GANG SIGN.

Stewart showed a picture of Stephen Colbert flashing the gesture and cries, “All this time, I’ve been the lead-in for a notorious gang member!”

But as for the photo itself, Stewart took note of how the mayor was actually critical of the police a month ago. So for him, this is less about the mayor extending her pointer finger and more about the police extending their middle finger.

But Stewart just sighed and added this to the list of “innocent things that black people do that look suspicious.”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

[image via screengrab]

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