Stewart and O’Reilly Battle Over Gov’t Shutdown, Obama Looking ‘Weak’ on Syria

Bill O’Reilly joined Jon Stewart on Monday night’s Daily Show for a gradually more-and-more heated discussion on an impending government shutdown and potential resolution to the crisis in Syria.

Stewart called the shutdown threats “asinine,” asking O’Reilly exactly what the Democrats have done here aside from enacting a law that was passed by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court. O’Reilly told Stewart, “Stop with all this nonsense,” and said what he would do to fix the health care law. He added, “This thing is screwed up, do you not understand that?”

In the second segment, they tackled Syria, with Stewart touting the handing over of chemical weapons as a great way to avoid any military action. O’Reilly insisted Obama had a responsibility to back up his words with actions, saying the president looked weak as a result. Stewart thought this was a really simplistic “high school mentality for governing a country.”

As for how the compromise made Obama look, Stewart said, “I don’t care if he put on a dress and lipstick and sashayed his pretty little ass around the White House!”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

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Part 2:

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