Stewart: If Bitcoin Wants to Avoid Feds, They Should Normalize Fraud Like the Big Boys

Jon Stewart struggled to figure out the ins and outs of Bitcoin Thursday night, and concluded that this extremely volatile online-only currency can stay out of the eyes of the feds if they “institutionalize and normalize systemic fraud” like, say, larger financial institutions that get very little to no scrutiny.

Bitcoin seemed good enough to Stewart, because clearly “nothing’s more reliable and secure than the internet,” but the government’s been cracking down a bit. Contrast that with Credit Suisse, the multinational financial group that helped wealthy people hide money from the IRS, which isn’t being gone after with the same vigor as Bitcoin is.

Oh, and GOLDMAN SACHS HAS URANIUM (though it’s now selling the uranium trading business). And on top of that, just the mere hint of Goldman Sachs involvement sent the Danish into a political frenzy!

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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