Daily Show Knows the Real Reason Michael Sam’s Making His Teammates Uncomfortable

The Daily Show skewered ESPN for its report on Michael Sam’s showering habits Wednesday night (Senior NFL Shower Correspondent in fact sounds like one of the Daily Show’s fake titles), as if they’d expected him to be singing show tunes and bingewatching Bravo. (ESPN later apologized.) “Michael Sam’s gay,” Stewart said. “Are we not over this yet?”

But Senior Sports Correspondent (they shoulda gone with my title) Samantha Bee had a theory as to why Sam’s behavior was really making the locker room awkward. “His work on the line has been great, but he’s been making his teammates very uncomfortable,” she said. “He hasn’t been getting naked around them all! There’s been no grab-ass, no dick-snaps, no ball-cupping. None of the locker room behavior of normal heterosexual NFL players.”

Watch the clip below, via Comedy Central:

[Image via screengrab]

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