Stewart Pummels Breitbart’s Obama College Footage; Exposes Hannity’s Secret Videos

Jon Stewart Pummels Breitbart’s Obama College Footage

Tonight, Daily Show host Jon Stewart promised to show viewers a tape that “they” don’t want you to see, a tape that will reveal the “real” Sean Hannity, a tape that will blow all our [bleep]ing minds.

Stewart just didn’t see what was so radical, really, about the footage of a young Barack Obama introducing, then hugging, controversial Harvard professor Derrick Bell that Hannity had aired on his show to so much fanfare.

Perhaps it was that Obama’s hug was actually a “terrorist chest bump”? Was it that the two men’s nipples touched?

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Stewart then showed clips of various people with whom Hannity has associated, like Don King and Ted Nugent.

“How radical is the crowd Hannity runs with?” asked Stewart. “The guy threatening to stick a gun in the President’s mouth is the one who hasn’t seen the inside of a jail cell yet. Sean, digging through twenty and thirty years of old archives to find evidence of how radical Obama will be as President is wasting valuable time you could be spending Bedazzling American flag jean jackets.”

Besides, he noted, looking at the present is enough tie Obama to a radical Harvard intellectual — namely, Larry Summers. Or a radical foreign puppy dog who, like, cloned Hitler.

Have a peek, via Comedy Central:

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