Stewart Rips Fox News’ ‘Hypocritical Outrage and Sanctimony’ on Benghazi

Jon Stewart is exasperated with Fox News getting outraged about why no one else is outraged enough about Benghazi. Not because he doesn’t think there’s no scandal, but because he’s just sick and tired of Fox News’ “hypocritical outrage and sanctimony” on the issue.

Stewart recalled plenty of examples in the Bush administration of intelligence failures on par with or worse than Benghazi. And time and again, Fox News downplayed these scandals and/or blamed the media for scandalizing them in the first place.

Stewart highlighted Iraq as the prime example of this, and explained to Fox that people aren’t as outraged as them about Benghazi because “everybody in this country has seen this movie before, only that movie was on an IMAX.”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

Part 2:

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