Stewart Slams Fox, Pols Disappointed in Syria Deal: How Does ‘Not War’ Anger You So Much?

Jon Stewart saw nothing but good news in the deal for Syria to hand over its chemical weapons without the United States having to bomb. He celebrated the development, and was more than a little confused by how much people are disappointed in it.

Thanks to John Kerry shooting from the hip, the U.S. now has a way out. Stewart celebrated, “We managed not to have a war with somebody!” only to be deflated by Senator Lindsay Graham and various pundits raining on the parade. He asked, “Why can’t you take no war for an answer?!”

Stewart also singled out Fox News’ Paul Gigot for calling it a “fiasco” the likes of which no other president has committed, with Stewart surmising that he believes this either because “he’s only six months old” or he “doesn’t understand what the word fiasco means.”

Stewart kept going after the war-happy crowd, comparing their foreign policy to a glory hole (“You just stick it in and worry about the consequences later”) and mockingly joining Graham to say, “Don’t you dare try to not bomb Iran!”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

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