Stewart Talks Tea Party with Scarborough: Letting Them Run GOP Like Letting Atheists Run Vatican

Joe Scarborough joined Jon Stewart Tuesday night to talk about the current state of the Republican party and whether men like Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan would make it in today’s GOP. Scarborough argued that, actually, they could, if they stood up against and loudly denounced the more extreme elements of the party.

Scarborough said Mitt Romney had plenty of opportunities to do so during the 2012 election and didn’t, but Stewart noted that the rise of the tea party wasn’t an accident, it was by the design of strategists like Karl Rove. He said that unlike Republicans of the past, the tea party doesn’t really believe in what government can do for the people, likening their control over the GOP to atheists being put in charge of the Catholic Church.

Scarborough said the tea party’s rise had less to do with Rove and more to do with the bad economy from the end of George W. Bush‘s presidency that carried into Obama’s. He said it “pisses me off” that he was shouting about Bush bankrupting the country in 2004 and no one was on the same page until after Bush left.

Stewart said, “So these past ten years have all been because we didn’t listen to you?”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

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