Stewart Tears Apart ‘Professor of Negro Studies’ Bundy, CNN’s MH370 Obsession

Jon Stewart opened Thursday night’s Daily Show going after Cliven Bundy‘s racist remarks, remarking that “In a surprising twist, states rights sovereign citizen Cliven Bundy is also apparently a professor of Negro studies.” Stewart also mocked Bundy for saying he’s like the Founding Fathers, explaining “the bit of you that’s like our Founding Fathers is the bit of them that we’re ashamed of.”

Stewart ribbed Fox News a bit before switching to rival CNN and crying, “Oh, for fuck’s sake!” upon learning they are still covering non-story after non-story in the continuing hunt for MH370. In particular, Stewart was stunned that in the span of 24 seconds, CNN’s “breaking news” on a piece of debris was roundly refuted.

Stewart brought up some real news, the recent U.N. report on climate change, and said that if CNN’s going to flip out over the plane, they should maybe try out “hyperbolic ridiculous unnecessary ridiculous stunt coverage of real stories” for a change.

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

Part 2:

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