Stewart Tears into ‘America’s Oldest Hall Monitor’ Hannity for Spring Break Outrage

Jon Stewart took on Sean Hannity (deemed “America’s oldest hall monitor”) Wednesday night for his week-long coverage of the dangers of spring break, which Stewart described as the “f*cking weirdest week for TV I’ve ever seen.” He said it was basically an excuse for Fox to show “wildly inappropriate T&A footage” whilst featuring people condemning it.

Stewart mocked all the supposed revelations Fox discovered about spring break, like the fact that young people get really drunk and horny and that only bad parents let people go on spring break. Funnily enough, plenty of people Hannity’s panel went on spring break, to which Stewart said, “So what kind of shitty parents let their kids go to spring break? Oh right, your shitty parents!”

But there was one piece of analysis that really stuck out for Stewart: Bob Beckel saying that he knows cocaine, he’s used cocaine, and on spring break they’re only selling the bad cocaine. Stewart explained, “Stay in school! Get better parents! And don’t go to spring break. But if you do, bring your cocaine from home.”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

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