Stewart Trashes Aaron Schock: Now He’ll Be the ‘Baddest Ass’ in Prison

As Mediaite readers are well aware, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) resigned on Tuesday amid ethical questions about his lavish spending and general insufferableness. Naturally, Jon Stewart had to weigh in on the comedy of it all.

In announcing his departure from Congress, Schock lamented how mounting ethics investigations have become too much of a distraction for him. “Really?!” an incredulous Stewart asked. “The constant scandal questions are too much of a distraction? Not the zip-lining through a rainforest or parasailing in Argentina or chilling with Buddhist monks in Myanmar? You served three terms in congress while apparently also competing on the Amazing Race.”

Stewart noted that, in his downfall, Schock went from being the cool guy in Congress to “the shady guy Mike Wallace would corner at his office to expose on television.” Accurate.

And, of course, the most comedic element of the Schock story: His own father’s statement that the ex-congressman will be successful, if not in jail within the next few years.

“Don’t sell him short,” Stewart joked. “Even if he is in jail, I think he will be successful there as well. He can be the baddest ass in the whole clinker, man. Not only will he cut you, he’s going to Instagram that shit!”

Watch below, via Comedy Central:

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