Stewart Trashes Dunn Verdict: Lesson? Fire Gun in Florida, ‘You Better F*cking Hit Somebody’

Jon Stewart kicked off Tuesday night’s Daily Show going to down on the Michael Dunn verdict, flabbergasted that he was convicted for attempted murder but not first-degree murder. He said the lesson here is “if you fire a gun, you better fucking hit somebody, ’cause if there’s one thing Floridians don’t tolerate, it’s survivors.”

Stewart said this isn’t just some “run-of-the-mill Florida batsh*t,” showing Dunn’s knowledge of “rap crap” and being a “keen observer of everyone else’s racism,” including his assertion the legal system leans in blacks’ favor. Stewart said, “The courts are so biased towards black that they are letting all of them go to jail!”

Correspondent Jessica Williams then jumped in with advice for black people on how to avoid dealing with frightened white people. One recommendation: stay indoors. All the time. She said, “Don’t go wander in the street where you might scare a white person.”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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