Stewart: We Can’t ‘Throw the Bums Out’ if We Keep Reelecting the Bums!

Jon Stewart asked Thursday night exactly what it takes to “throw the bums out” these days. For one thing, we “reelect 90 percent of said bums” every election cycle. And it turns out the only way to get rid of incumbents is pray their memory gets foggy and they make a huge mistake.

Charlie Rangel, who’s been dogged by charges of financial malfeasance and got censured by Congress, was so confident he went into a ridiculous fake phone call routine at a primary debate to make fun of his opponents. It’s a way of showing, as Stewart put it, “Yes, he’s corrupt, but he’s totally likable.”

As for John Conyers, the Democrat who didn’t qualify for the ballot because he didn’t get enough signatures, Stewart realized this can mean only one thing: the only way to get incumbents out of office is to wait until they get incredibly old and “lose signatures like keys.”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

[image via screengrab]

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