Stewart: Who Cares About Iraq Opinions of People Who Got the ‘F*cking Thing’ Wrong?!

Jon Stewart examined the current crisis in Iraq through a historical lens to ask an important question: why does the media keep giving airtime to all these politicians and pundits who were ‘wrong about the whole fucking thing” years ago? Stewart singled out Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain in particular, the latter earning Stewart’s honor as “one of the wrongest.”

Stewart mocked the “freedom rave” Republicans and people in the Bush administration were celebrating years ago about Iraq, but luckily, he said, after being wrong for so long, “those idiots were ostracized, never heard from again.”


Stewart marveled at how many media appearances McCain’s made; so much so, “you’d think he just won Dancing with the Stars.” But Stewart credited McCain with one thing: at least he’s consistent in his desire to get involved in basically every country you can think of.

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

[image via screengrab]

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