‘Stop Following the Mob!’ Coulter Scolds Conservatives Rallying Behind Bundy

Ann Coulter took on the Cliven Bundy fallout on CNN Friday, expressing annoyance and frustration with conservative leaders and pundits for going along with the mob instead of leading the mob to tackle issues important to the conservative movement.

She acknowledged that ‘there’s a lot to be angry about and people want to punch back,” but the rallying around Cliven Bundy was a “stupid punchback.” She sent a message to Republican politicians and right-wing radio hosts who got behind Bundy: “Stop following the mob, you are supposed to direct the mob!”

Bill Weir pointed out Bundy “was a creation of Fox News” and asked if he’ll be used in campaign ads against Republicans. Coulter pointed to examples of Democrats making racially-tinged remarks too, also commenting on the “massive military force” the government had in Nevada, wondering why the feds can’t have that kind of power at the Mexican border.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

[photo via screengrab]

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